Borobudur Marathon 2018


Government of Central Java, in collaboration with KOMPAS Daily held Borobudur Marathon 2018, a running race event with “Raising Harmony” as its main theme. Borobudur Marathon 2018 carried out this specific theme with the aim to maintain the harmony between runners and the people of Central Java, that has been born earlier. A balance that must be maintained to keep moving in one and the same movement. It takes will and effort to achieve harmony. Healthy lifestyle is only one amongst many other benefits of running. Growth in the economic sector can also be impacted by a good sports tourism program, and running event is one way to do this. 75% growth in tourism sector comes from sports tourism. The economic impact of sports tourism for the destination area is significant.


Borobudur Marathon 2018

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Sun Nov 18, 2018
To: Nov 18, 2018

Central Java, Indonesia

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