Cap Go Meh 2019


The Cap Go Meh festival held in Singkawang, West Kalimantan is guaranteed to be exciting. Because of five sub-events that will be held. The five sub-events that will be held will consist of live music, expo, and cultural arts parades with strong mystical scents. Everything is mixed to bring a different experience for tourists. Venues are scattered in several spots in Singkawang City. Start Kridasana Field to Singkawang City Center. The best line consists of art and cultural performances, live music from national artists, tatung attractions, Cap Go Meh expo, to replicas of 12 dragons. In 2018, the Cap Go Meh Festival is able to bring many tourists. PHRI of Singkawang City to calculate hotel occupancy rates and restaurant visits rose 200%. They were swept away by the uniqueness offered by the Cap Go Meh Festival. And, this best charm continues in 2019. Being one package with the 2570 Chinese New Year Celebration, the Cap Go Meh 2019 Festival will open February 3. After the next day, the Art and Culture Festival until the Expo was presented at Kridasana Field. This excitement can be enjoyed by 17 full days from 4-20 February 2019. There are 80 Expo Cap Go Meh booths that will present a variety of superior MSME products owned by Singkawang.


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