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Bali Eco Lodge, Mount Batukaru, Tabanan

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Bali and nature view is a special component which always sought by nature lovers. Bali still saves virgin and original nature site which attract many nature lovers to visit. Bali also has a few of beautiful mountain which facilitated also with bungalows or lodge. Here, the nature lovers can spend their time and relax by enjoy the facilities while they enjoy the nature nuance also.

Bali Eco Lodge or Sarinbuana Eco Lodge is heaven for nature lovers. It is located on the slopes of Mount Batukaru in central Bali and can reach only 90 minutes from Kuta and Ubud. This bungalow has spectacular views of southern Bali and the mountain peak of Batukaru. It also surrounded by a lush tropical “Food forest” of cacao, coffee, coconuts, vanilla and jungle fruits.



Sarinbuana Eco Lodge

Mount Batukaru, Tabanan

Bali, Indonesia